Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strange Japanese Arcade Games

Import video games aren't enough, lets look at some strange arcade games too!

Marine Catcher
(click the image for a closer look)

I'll be talking about 3 strange Japanese arcade games today. One called UFO Fisher, one called Funky Circus, and one called Sub Marine Catcher. Lets start off with UFO Fisher.

Catch Those Fish, Arcade Game
(click the image for a closer look)

I bet you recognize the fish in the circular thing at the bottom, don't you? Well, the fishing pole is attached to what would normally be a claw for a claw machine. You have to move the pole directly above the fish and press the button at the right time so that the pole goes all the way down, enters one of the fishes' mouths, so that the mouth closes before the pole comes back up. It's very, very, VERY hard! The reward? Anything you want that's inside the arcade machine!

Now on to Funky Circus. The game itself isn't anything particularly unusual, but what is unusual is the rewards! You win your choice of one of three items, two relatively normal items, or a porn VHS! Really? Really. In order to win something, you have to reach a total of 300 points, and the points for each slot at the bottom change each time you score points, and... and... oh, just watch the video below.

Now, last but certainly not least, Sub Marine Catcher! I've been told that this type of arcade game isn't exclusive to Japan, but it's still pretty rare outside of it. I think if you look closely you can find one in Vegas... maybe... But, anyway, it's a simply claw machine except that you are trying to catch live lobster. Yeah, really. Live lobster. What are you supposed to do with it when you catch it? Carefully take it home and eat it. What was my friend supposed to do if HE caught it? No idea. We were living in dorm rooms and had no way of cooking it... except maybe a microwave, but I truly fear the results of such an experiment...

Since you obviously can't purchase these, the usual purchase links will not be found here today, I'm afraid. If you REALLY want to buy an import game, though, you can search for something interesting here!

Have fun playing!
-Kuro Matsuri


  1. That submarine thing is wicked weird... I wonder who takes care of the machine. And if it is even possible to win.

  2. I'm sure it's possible to win, but not by simply aiming correctly. I learned that you kinda have to have the prize in the right spot, usually near the prize slot, and lift things up just enough for it to fall into the prize slot. In other words, it takes some amount of skill AND some amount of luck to win something with most Japanese claw machines.


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