Saturday, January 31, 2009

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII team up!

Sneak a peek at Final Fantasy XIII through Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete!

Guess what is available for pre-order in Japan right now!

Final Fantasy VII on Blu-ray!

And guess what else?

It comes with a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3!

That is epic. Period.

It is very import friendly as well. The movie itself has an English audio option, although the default is Japanese (Hey, it is a Japanese movie!). Furthermore, since Japan and the U.S.A. are in the same "region" as far as Blu-Ray movies are concerned, this will play in any American Blu-ray player. And since PS3 games are region free, the demo will play just fine in an American PS3.

There is a catch or two, though. The demo itself IS in Japanese with no English options. Furthermore, only the FIRST printing of the Blu-Ray will have the demo, so you'll have to pre-order it as soon as possible to get the demo. Also, if you want the movie but don't care about the demo, the movie can be bought without the demo for a little bit cheaper.

Buy the movie with the demo HERE

Buy the movie without the demo HERE

Have fun playing! And watching!


  1. BTW Movie itself works well with any PS3 system :D

  2. That's unfortunately not quite true, but Japanese BD movies do work on any US PS3. They won't work on European PS3's, though. Good news for a lot of people, not-so-good news for some. For more detail:


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