Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Key To Be Included in Final Fantasy XIII (sorta)

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV Beta

Yeah, you read that right!

Reports (mainly leaked scans from Jump Magazine) are showing that a Final Fantasy XIV “Campaign Code” (which really means “Beta Code”) will be included in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII, which will be released December 17th of this year!


Japanese Game Source should have access to FFXIII by the end of the year, and we will continue to bring you updates on the both FFXIII and the FFXIV Beta. You can expect a full review by the end of January, so be sure to check back regularly.

If you’re interested in getting Final Fantasy XIII, and getting into the Final Fantasy XIV Beta, then you can buy Final Fantasy XIII now to enjoy the next upcoming Final Fantasy titles.

Update: The "campaign code" is a code that allows you to sign up for the beta, but it doesn't guarantee you'll get in. It's a pass that allows you to apply. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not all that great. It does still come with the free item when the full game comes out, though!

Have fun playing! -Kuro Matsuri

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